World Class PowerPop!


World class powerpop from Sweden since 1993.
Five albums so far and a bunch of singles and compilations.
Fifteen years, can you believe it?

Here are some important dates:

July 1993 – First gig at Trastockfestivalen in Sweden.

Jan 1996 – First single “Teenager” is released through A West Side Fabrication.
Gets a whole lotta airplay in Sweden and opens up doors internationally.

Feb 1996 – First album “Destroyer” is released.
Also comes out in Brazil, most of Asia and Germany.

May 1997 – The single “Summer Break My Fall” is released to radio.
Does really well and charts in Aug. First ever chart position for A West Side Fabrication.

Sep 1997 – “World Record Player” is released in most of Europe.
Leads to touring with bands like Popsicle, Luna, Posies and so on.

May 1998 – First gig in NYC. Showcase for Wind-up Records.

Dec 1998 – Signs with Wind-up in NYC.

Jun 1999 – Moves to LA and records an album with Matt Hyde in Sound City Studios.

Jun 2000 – “Is There Something On Your Mind?” is released.
Single becomes new and active on Billboard. Touring in USA.

Oct 2002 – “Muted To a Whisper” is released. More touring and festivals in USA.

July 2007 – “Cease To Be” is released. Get it through CDBaby!

May 2008 – Beautiful Escape: The Songs of The Posies Revisited is released.

Dec 2008 – The X-mas single My Candle is released on AWSF

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